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The roulette casino aims to predict the winning number and make a bet for it. Before the ball falls, players have the opportunity to make their bets within a specially marked area on the table – sectors. In this case, they can choose not only a single number, but two, three or more. Players can bet on all roulette numbers.


  • Players win if they bet on additional fields common to some numbers. For example, if any red number appears, the bet for Red wins;
  • There are different additional and combined bets. All of them are paid according to the payout ratio adopted at a particular casino;
  • As a rule, the gamblers get 35:1 for a number, and 1:1 only for the bets on Red or Black.

It is a looping game. As soon as the ball has fallen, the winning number has been determined, and all payments have been made, the game starts anew, and the players can bet again.

Roulette casino: Best Online Devices

There are two main types – European and American. Professionals advise novice gamers to choose the first one, using online slots, the choice is really rich:

  • American Roulette by NetEnt – is a virtual version of classic American game. The field consists of 38 cells, as well as a wheel where the winning number falls. Setting a bet per game is one of the most important stages, on which the final result depends. The bets are made for one cell, row or selected cell color;
  • Zoom Roulette by Betsoft offers standard European single-zero roulette casino. For one issue, best online roulette casino offers a payout of 35 to 1. There are numbers on the edges, and in the center of the oval, there are several sectors;
  • Vertical Roulette by Flash Games – is a type of European version. On the left side is the playing field with numbers from 0 to 36, on which players will make their bets. They can also bet on red or black, even or odd, a specific column or block of numbers.

It is a mathematically determined game based on the fact that payouts are not equal (usually less) to the chances of a winning number.

Online Roulette Slots: the New Ones

Today, gambling providers pay great attention to roulette casino, so they constantly update slots in this direction, it is:

  • Playtech Roulette Pro is an online implementation of the real game. It consists of a virtual table, control buttons, and information cells. The main goal is to guess the number that will appear within the spinning wheel. The number of valid bets is unlimited;
  • Roulette of Luck by Flash Games – is a table game with a classic marking of the fields and a wheel of fortune. Unfortunately, the game does not have a marker, so the gamblers will not have the opportunity to monitor the winning numbers visually. The amount of credits in the account changes only;
  • European Roulette by Evoplay – here everything is made in the style of a casino: a gambling table, a camera on behalf of the player and, of course, an animated roulette wheel. The slot is made in the spirit of a classic real counterpart and suggests the presence of a casino bonus.

Since this game was born, many gamblers are trying to find a casino roulette strategy that will help them to win. First of all, novice players must determine the size of their bank. The size of the pot will also help players decide on a strategy. If the bank is small, then an aggressive style of play is clearly not suitable. Also, for starters, it is better to choose a table where the game is played at lower rates.

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