Online roulette Canada allows you to get the greatest winnings

Online roulette Canada

Since American roulette has its own characteristics, its rules differ from traditional ones.

The main task of the player is to guess the sector on the wheel, in which, after completion of its rotation, the roulette ball will stop.

Advantages and features playing in CA for players

There are 38 sectors on the wheel in American roulette, 36 (18 black and 18 red) of them have numerical values from 1 to 36, and two green cells are zero and double zero.

There are certain rules for arranging numbers on a wheel:

  • Red and black fields in American roulette alternate.
  • Red fields are opposite black ones.
  • Two even slots follow two odd ones.
  • The even-numbered cells are opposite the odd-numbered ones.

In the center of the table are three columns with fields from one to thirty-six. The color of the numbered cells on the table matches the color of the numbered slots on the wheel. In the left half of the field there are cells for betting on the first, second and third dozen.

American Roulette Rules

At the very beginning, the gamer at his discretion makes bets on the playing field and presses the “Play” button. The wheel begins to spin. After rotation and the final loss of the roulette ball into one of the cells, a marker appears on the screen in the wheel, indicating a dropped number and an enlarged part of the wheel with a dropped number.

In the table located in the right half of the screen, the dropped out number is entered. There are two sectors of zero in American roulette (zero and double zero). This fact increases the advantage of gaming establishments, compared, for example, with European roulette. When a participant bets on equal chances (red / black, odd / even), and zero drops out, he does not lose these bets, they are simply placed in a “prison” — they are frozen.

The player can then:

  • Return half of the bet by clicking on the “prison” cell and clicking on the “Surrender” button.
  • Win a bet by continuing the game.

To bet, you need to select a chip of a certain denomination and drag it to the desired cell on the gaming table. When a chip is selected, just click on the desired sector, and a bet will be placed. Each additional click increases it by one chip of the selected face value. Online roulette real money Canada allows you to have fun with high chances of winning.

Most popular slots in CA for players

All the necessary conditions have been created for players in Canada to play the most popular slots that have high payout ratios. It should be said that at roulette the size of a single bet should not go beyond the range established for a particular field. The maximum sum of all bets cannot exceed the maximum table bet indicated on the plate next to the wheel.

If the player changes his mind and wants to cancel the already made bets, you can use the “Cancel” button. To cancel a single bet, click on the desired cell. You can repeat the bet from the previous round using the “Repeat” button. Zero sector in American roulette. Live roulette online Canada is a great option for any gambler and allows you to get high winnings.

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